Training for a specific sport or event, have significant health limitations,

or group training not your thing? Then private training is what you want. 

You will find the greatest success starting with private training if your

needs or goals include:

  • Weight loss and improved body composition
  • Extra accountability
  • You have generally been sedentary
  • You are new to exercise
  • You have specific performance oriented goals (triathlon, basketball, etc.)
  • You are pregnant or have just had a child

Prices vary from $50 to $80 a session depending on the program you choose.
Choose a time and we'll come to you.
30 and 60 minute sessions available.
All training by appointment only.
For more information or to schedule training
contact us.

Whether you choose private or private group coaching it all starts with the IET Program...

IET (Initial Entry Training) Program focuses on you reaching your maximum potential by taking the time to determine which physical, nutritional, and lifestyle factors affect the development of one’s potential. Given such, every trainee begins with this program. Using different equipment and movements in each training session can be intimidating for those who are new to training or just haven't trained in a while. This Program was created to assess your fitness levels, give us a starting point for your programming, and teach you the fundamentals before moving on to more advanced levels of training. We took great care designing this program to ensure that nobody feels inadequate, confused, discouraged, or intimidated while training. The only way to achieve a strong training foundation is to have an understanding of the basics. All training at EDGE CAMP will build on the basics to challenge you as you improve.


  • Lifestyle and nutrition questionnaire
  • Vital signs and body composition
  • Posture and movement screens
  • Fitness assessments
  • Plus 4 private sessions

You will learn:

  • Basic exercises - kettlebell clean, military press, squat, and deadlift
  • Breathing drills - The most important exercises you may ever learn for your health, your digestion, and for decreasing inflammation in your body
  • The proper way to prepare your body for training
  • Regen to help you recover faster from your training session

**IET Program is mandatory for all new members**
All training by appointment only. For more information or to schedule training contact us.

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Create a training group by getting friends, family, or co-workers who want to train, get results, and have fun!

Small group training has all of the benefits of private training at a fraction of the cost, plus the support of others...nobody gets there alone. Group requirements are a minimum of two people and a maximum of five, that way you still get that private training feel and are not lost in a class and treated like just another face in the crowd.

Our most successful clients have utilized a combination of individualized coaching and program design to fine tune their mechanics, address specific deficiencies and/or attain unique performance goals with the spirit, community and camaraderie that naturally develops in our private group training sessions.

Group training gives you:

  • More energy in a group setting
  • little bit of good, old-fashioned competition
  • Built in support group
  • Best coach to trainee ratio, compared to normal group training
  • Group challenges help you reach your fitness goals

Choose a time and we'll come to you.
Price per person varies depending on group size and weekly sessions.
All training by appointment only.
For more information or to schedule training
contact us.