"I began training with Coach John after my sophomore year of high school. He helped bring out my power and increased my speed. My transition to college was easy, a lot of the training I had been doing with John/Edge Camp we did in college. In college I continued my training with Edge Camp in the off-season to keep myself in shape year round. Now that my playing career is over Edge Camp has helped me stay in shape for life."

— Andrea Harrison, High School Softball Coach
UCLA Bruin 2008-2012, Women's College World Series Champion 2010, All-American 2011

"I've trained with Edge Camp since the beginning, I was NOT ready to make the proper changes to my life to lose weight and get healthy. As a result I never listened to John when he was trying to help me lose weight and adopt a healthier lifestyle. That changed when I had a scare after visiting the doctor and I was told I was pre-diabetic. All the things that John had been telling me for years the doctor was now telling me. I made the appropriate changes and began listening to John and now I am in the best shape of my life. I just wish I would've listened sooner."

— Mel Cooper, 52

"As an older man and an avid outdoorsman, I see the importance of staying in shape and Edge Camp delivers. At the age of 70 John had me doing pullups for the first time in years and he still has me doing them. Fishing and hunting as been a breeze since I started training with Edge Camp."

— Bruce, Retired Businessman, 78

"I thought I was in good shape until I tried the Edge Challenge. It was HELL! That fifty minutes hooked me. Edge Camp can definitely push you to work your hardest and get to the next level. As a firefighter I'm always looking for a challenge to keep me in shape and Edge Camp is the challenge I was looking for."

— Zeke, Firefighter

"My son changed me to try the kettlebell class at his gym the next time I visited him. I joined the Kettlebell Club to get in kettlebell shape and show up my son. Not only did the class get me in shape, but my mobility increased and some aches and pains from my playing days went away. I highly recommend Edge Camp to improve your quality of life."

— Brad Cameron, Pro Baseball Scout
Scout for the 2010 and 2012 San Francisco Giants Championships

"Edge Camp is awesome! The results I’ve seen are amazing.  I have gone to corporate gyms for many years, during that time I have tried various trainers and diets with no long term success. I started attending the Edge Camp kettlebell, cardio strength and primal fitness classes and I found the classes fun, challenging and motivating! I have lost over 40 pounds since joining Edge Camp and will continue to lose the weight until I'm a my ideal weight and will maintain a healthy lifestyle for the rest of my life. Thank you Edge Camp."

— Wendy, 49

"I would leave Edge Camp so frustrated because I wanted to be better and it was a slow learning process. Each day I would push myself to do an extra rep or increase weight, things improved. I became stronger, movements were less robotic, and I could start to see the results. That challenge I was looking for was being realized and my determination to see results has paid off!"

— Travis Johnson, Founder and President of Haus of Grey Cooperative
Former Pro Golfer and UCLA All-American

"I've always been in shape, but I couldn't do a pull up to save my life, after training at Edge Camp I am able to over 15 on a good day. Edge Camp has taught me how to lift properly, as a result, moving patients is now effortless. Thank you Edge Camp for making my job easier and safer."

— Courtney, Registered Nurse, 40

"The coaches are not only extremely knowledgeable, but approachable which is a perfect combination. You will never feel just like a number at Edge Camp, like you might at gyms. When you are a member of Edge Camp you are treated like family. Every workout is different and modified to my current fitness level to challenge my body in new ways. Whatever your fitness goals might be, the coaches at Edge Camp will ensure you exceed them. In my opinion there is no better training anywhere. John and all the coaches I can never thank you enough."

— Barry Knickerbocker, Real Estate Agent

"I've been training with John for almost a decade and I've trained with other trainers. One thing I noticed after training with John is the increase in my functional strength, which in my opinion is more important as we age. I was able to pick up the 40 pound kitty litter at the store and put it in the cart without any help! Pretty good for an old lady."

— Judy Faust, 74


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