John began his love of cross-training back in elementary school, running,

playing dodgeball, climbing trees, riding bikes, playing sports...when it was

called recess or playing after school. Sports have always played a large role

in John's life. Whether it was baseball, hockey, tennis, or whichever sport he

was always motivated to get out there and compete.

After high school he stopped playing sports and put on 81 pounds, ballooning

to almost 250 pounds, in about a year. In 1994 he realized how much weight he had put on, he began lifting weights and playing sports again and eventually dropped 74 pounds in seven months.

Fast forward a few years, John's fitness career began in 1998 when he became a personal trainer at Bally Total Fitness. Since then his passion for strength and conditioning, along with helping people meet their fitness goals has continued to grow. John is certified personal trainer, to see certifications and experience
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Growing up Deb loved playing sports and being active. Her favorites were softball

and swimming. In her past life, Deb was a Bally Total Fitness personal trainer. 

After the birth of her son, she took a break from training to be a full time mom.

Deb has trained with John since 2006 and is completely familiar with EDGE CAMP


Now that her son is older she felt it was time to get back into training, so she has

become more than a client and is now a coach. She has been John's assistant coach for 2 years and has recently began studying for NASM and CrossFit certifications. In her spare time she loves cooking, camping, and traveling with her family.


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